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Fall Fellow Motivated By Dream Act, Immigration Decides To Stand With The President

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My experience with Organizing for America has been great! I have always wanted to work within the community, but was unsure of my capabilities to be a community organizer since I had never done it before. OFA has taught me many great organizing skills and best practices and I feel confident that I will use these skills in future community organizing opportunities that I pursue.

It was an amazing experience getting to work specifically with the Latino community in Arizona because I am someone who has been personally affected by many issues that Latinos face in America. Examples of these issues that have affected me as well as many others are; family separations due to deportations, family and friends with limited opportunities due to legal status, and racial profiling within specific communities. I wanted to do my part to correct these injustices but I was unaware of how to do so.

I knew the President stood with me on these issues and he is someone that has the ability to solve these problems nationwide. I decided to spend my time promoting his message to ensure he is reelected so that he can do his best to improve the quality of life for all members of the American community. OFA gave me that opportunity and I am very thankful for the skills and experience it has given me. Change your community too by signing up for a Spring Fellowship.

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