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Fall Fellow builds her own neighborhood team, registers voters

People often ask me why I volunteer for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. My husband is a veteran. I do it for him. My sister is a teacher. I do it for her. My best friend is unemployed. I do it it for him. I want to see my country thrive. I do it for me.

My neighborhood team hosted three voter registration drives this past weekend, and we registered so many new voters. My volunteers were fearless! Beatriz O. followed a young man into the parking lot, and had him fill out his voter registration form on the hood of his car. Emerald G. walked up to a car idling on the sidewalk, leaned into the window, and asked the driver if he was registered. Gerardo V. set a good example for his two daughters Jasmine, 13, and Flor, 15, by bringing them along to volunteer.

"One woman lived here for 15 years, and never registered. It was the first one we got," said volunteer Mary M. "Many people said to us that we are doing a good thing and that they were glad to see us doing this."

Volunteers will win Arizona for the President. Join our movement. Find information for our next voter registration and other events on our state blog.

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