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Faces of the Campaign—Lilla Weinberger

Name: Lilla Weinberger
Job Title: Regional Field Director, Northern California
From: Pasadena, California

Q1. What does a day at work look like for you?

I get up and get on my computer to answer all my emails. My husband makes me breakfast—he's like the hidden support person.

I spend half the week at our headquarters in Oakland. Driving there, I'm on the phone pretty much the whole time, talking to volunteers or answering questions from staff. I try to connect with regional field organizers (RFOs) for a half hour every week—some of those I do on the road because I'm often stuck in traffic jams.

At HQ I'll be meeting with RFOs, fall fellows, or volunteers, and also coordinating with the other regional field director in the area.

I have a regional data managers call where we work on data issues, we have a fall fellows call, a leaders call—I'm in touch with all aspects of the campaign here, making sure everybody has the info and materials they need to do their jobs.

Q2. How did you first come to the campaign?

I've been community organizing my whole life in one way or another, especially with the women's movement.

My husband and I own an independent bookstore in Sonoma—I applied for Camp Obama in 2007 while I was working at the store, and the whole staff supported me going to Nevada for six weeks. Since then, I've just kept organizing, became a regional field organizer, and then a regional field director about a year and a half ago.

Q3. What's your favorite part of your job?

The volunteers. I know I can't go to everything and do everything, but if I don't get a little bit of contact and connection with the grassroots, it's too easy to forget why I'm doing this. You can lose track of what's really important.

Q4. What is the most unexpected part of your job?

That I have it. I don't know how many careers this makes for me—four or five. The idea I'd have a new career as somebody who turned 70 on Saturday is a source of surprise and delight.

Q5. Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I was at Woodstock.

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