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Faces of the Campaign : Matthew Baker


Name: Matthew Baker

Campaign role: Albany County Team Leader

Organizing in: Albany County, Laramie Wyoming

Where do you call home?
Wyoming is my home, I've lived here since I was 8 when my family moved to Rock Spring. Green River really is my Wyoming home, I graduated from GRHS - GO BIG GREEN! I graduated from Casper College and now I'm studying at UW. This state really is my home and I'm proud to be a fellow at OFA here.

Why did you decide to make the commitment to become a Fellow?
Becoming a fellow is something I've been considering ever since I decided to go back to school and it really is fantastic that the OFA office is here in Laramie. The re-election of President Obama is so important this year to ensure this country continues on the right track and doesn't go down the road of attacking workers, women, and the middle class.

Any personal success stories related to one of President Obama’s promises kept?
As a gay man I was every happy to see the end of discrimination against gay's and lesbians in the military.

This wasn't just a promise kept by the president but it was also a big step forward for equality.

What is your favorite movie?
Finding Nemo, I know I'm a child a heart!

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