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Faces Of The Campaign: Olivia Slack

My story: I’m a passionate supporter of the President because of the work he’s doing for women. Growing up, my gender was never a barrier to what I wanted to do—it was only as I reached maturity and became more aware of the world around me that I realized the inequality that still exists in some ways between men and women in the United States. The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act really cemented my support for the President at the beginning of his term, and he only further exemplified his commitment to supporting women as he passed the Affordable Care Act, with its provisions about women—giving us better access to preventative care and making it illegal to charge a woman more for her insurance just because she is a woman. In short, I feel that the President is one of the most dedicated supporters of women in Washington, and I’m proud to be working to re-elect him.

Why I wanted to be a summer fellow: I just finished my freshman year at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. It was only after living in Minnesota for six months and hearing more negative comments than I’d heard in my life about my home state, that I saw the negative stigma against Arizona nationwide. I realized people had the wrong image of Arizona and I wanted to make it known that we have more politicians than the few who attract constant media attention. I decided to join the Fellowship because I know that each voice counts in this election. I hope to show the country that Arizona doesn’t have to be red, and we can and will turn it blue!

The best part of this fellowship so far: So far, the best part of the Fellowship is the amazing people I’ve met — the staff and the amazing volunteers that are the heart and soul of this grassroots campaign.

What I never expected from the fellowship: I didn’t really expect to feel so helpful! I know that the work that I am doing here in Arizona with OFA is actually helping to re-elect the President. There is truly a feeling of gratification—that will exponentially increase on November 6th when AZ turns blue!


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