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Faces of the Campaign: Baillee Brown


My story: Shortly after finishing fourth grade, my parents were in the process of getting divorced. My mom explained to my sister and me that she was gay. I had never met any gay people, so this opened my eyes to another world. Along with associating with the LGBT community, I am a woman committed to obtaining equality among women and men. Many people have forgotten the struggles that women across generations have endured to fight for equality, but the fighting should not stop here. Women’s health care is under attack, and I feel that it will affect my care, along with many other women. I have been passionate about women’s rights, LGBT rights: simply, rights for all people. Respect and acceptance were instilled in my childhood; that is why I am working to keep President Obama in office. He understands the hardships that minorities face, and tries (and succeeds) to pass laws to protect them.

Why I wanted to be a summer fellow: Put simply: to turn Arizona blue. I have always considered Arizona as a conservative state, but I truly believe that President Obama has the best interest of Arizonans in this election. I felt like being a summer fellow was the best option to contribute to the campaign by organizing my own community.

The best part of this fellowship so far: I have loved developing relationships with other fellows and volunteers in my region. So many volunteers that I met have such passion for reelecting the president because of their own motivations. Learning their personal stories of why they support President Obama has been incredibly rewarding.

What I never expected from the fellowship: I never expected to be so involved with the campaign. From organizing voter registration events to meeting with staff about overarching campaign goals. I love getting fired up about the potential for Arizona to turn blue, and meeting so many amazing people makes me believe that that is possible.

Why you should apply for the fellowship: This is a once in a lifetime experience to get a look into how a real grassroots campaign works. The people you meet and the experiences you have is so rewarding and I don’t think I could have found that anywhere else this summer.

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