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Faces of the Arizona Campaign: Natalie S., Glendale Fall Fellow

Q1. How did you become a Fall Fellow?

I was actively volunteering at events other Fall Fellows invited me to attend. At one point, one Fall Fellow was moving out of the state, so the others invited me to take her place as the new Fall Fellow. At the time, I was already looking to find ways to volunteer anyway, and having the chance to help President Obama is really the chance of a lifetime.

Q2. What’s your favorite color?

Kentucky Blue, for the University of Kentucky.

Q3. Where did you attend college and what is your major?

I attended the University of Kentucky on a sports scholarship for high school. My major was Public Relations. I am also currently working toward a film certificate at Scottsdale Community College.

Q4. Why do you support President Obama?

President Obama was first elected in my sophomore year in college. To be able to cast my vote for the first African-American president was amazing to me, even if McCain won Arizona. President Obama's public-speaking abilities are also amazing. Last, he supports the things I do: LGBT rights, education reform, etc. This country needs to reelect President Obama if it wants to continue being one of the best countries in the world.

Natalie Smith

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