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Extending middle class tax cuts: “We need this”

Just a few reasons why President Obama is urging Congress to extend middle class tax cuts and save working families an average of $2,200 next year:

"With $2,200, I could start paying off my student loans that are accumulating for graduate school. I could fix up my car. I could pay for gas right now. There are plenty of things I could do with it—I could really use it."

"We're going to have a baby in the next year or two, so we'd put it toward baby savings."
—Camille and Darian

"My last semester at University of Cincinnati would be paid off. I would be able to get my textbooks and start graduate school."
—T. Marie

"[I could] support my son who's in college, support my husband, my daughter, myself, buy groceries, pay bills—we need this advantage."

Find out how much you would save under the President's plan.

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