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Something very exciting is about to happen

Something very exciting is about to happen at OFA: Based on my projections, we're going to reach our 500,000th grassroots donor sometime this week.

That's pretty astounding when you think about it—half a million people who believe in the fight for change enough to take out their wallets and invest in it.

Will you chip in $5 or more today and bring us one donation closer to that milestone?

The things we've been able to accomplish together never cease to amaze me.

We were on the front lines of history with health care reform, and now millions of Americans are benefiting from it. Last fall, we helped end the government shutdown, and made sure the lawmakers who let it happen didn't get let off the hook. (And because of that, they're definitely not going to try that again anytime soon...)

All across the country, we're fighting for marriage equality, exposing the ignorance of climate change deniers, and chipping away at the people standing in the way of immigration reform. Just this spring, because of your help, OFA turned loose hundreds of newly trained organizers in to the progressive movement.

I don't care how much money or power the special interests on the other side have—they don't have a movement. To me, that's what reaching a milestone like this one represents: 500,000 people who are there to get your back in this fight.

Chip in today, and help get us one grassroots donation closer.

Chip in
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