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Excited, Empowered and Ready

The June 20th Kansas City Midtown Grassroots Planning Session was the first time I helped host an event like this, so naturally I was a bit nervous. However, there was no need to be. The turnout was great, in both size and quality of the participants. While they started out somewhat quiet, the group soon picked up the pace with great suggestions for improving Organizing for America – Missouri’s efforts here in Kansas City.

With some great help from the Kansas City team leaders, this Grassroots Planning Session was a great success. We had people sharing their talents, from carpentry to cooking, and committing to host house meetings and contribute what they can. People left feeling excited, empowered, and ready to help make their neighborhoods and communities better.

Interested in volunteering? We have two great voter registration events coming up this weekend, July 3 and 4 in Kansas City. RSVP today.

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