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Every Vote Matters in New York (and Beyond)

Our Day of Action efforts were not limited to New York; a group of dedicated volunteers drove to Pennsylvania, a neighboring battleground state. Summer Organizer Kate M. explained that despite minor setbacks—like getting lost—volunteers experienced great success canvassing in two areas in Philadelphia. Not only did volunteers register numerous voters, they also contacted Pennsylvanians who pledged that they are “IN” to support President Obama in 2012.


Other volunteers led Day of Action events in Rochester, Westchester, Long Island and Staten Island.

At the Juneteenth Celebration in Rochester at Susan B. Anthony Square Park, Summer Organizer Chris S. hosted his first event. Fourteen volunteers attended to register voters and find out who is “IN.” He had the opportunity to get to know the volunteers, including Jean and Rosemary, both of whom are senior organizers dedicated to changing our world for the better. Volunteers at the event, whether first-time or veteran volunteers, used their personal stories as an essential asset to connect to those attending the Juneteenth Celebration.

“The community responded really well to us and the community was really fired up to see the campaign already started.” –Chris

Inspired by the work New York summer organizers and volunteers are doing on the ground? You can join them. Email us at [email protected] to find out more information.

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