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Every Vote Matters in Indiana

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On Saturday, Summer Organizers and volunteers across the state registered voters and asked people if they are IN for 2012. The response was great! Our teams empowered many people, who would otherwise be silent on Election Day, to raise their voice and vote in 2012. Hoosiers are excited to support President Obama in 2012 and are ready to turn Indiana blue again.

Willa W., a 2008 volunteer in Indianapolis, was so excited to see canvassers show up on her porch that she gave them Obama buttons, a hat, and an open invitation to her church on Sunday. Willa's enthusiasm for the President radiates throughout her neighborhood-- her neighbors were also happy to see our volunteer canvassers and tell them they are IN for 2012.

Are you as excited for 2012 as Willa? Find a event happening near you or sign up to volunteer to help us build this campaign from the ground up.

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