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"Every Vote Counts... Especially in Wisconsin."

Al is a Wisconsinite to the core. Recently retired, he has lived a full life in the Badger state, serving in the Marines, then working as a public servant and as a devoted husband. On Monday, he cast his ballot for President Obama.

"It is exciting to vote early for the President. I have been voting for 48 years now, and I still get the chills every time I vote. It's about as close to a sacred responsibility as we have in America. I just did it again right now and it's so awe-inspiring to me. I know every vote counts, especially in Wisconsin, so why would I wait?"

"One of the many reasons I voted for the President is that he is solidly on the side of the military. He is giving, and has given, the proper support to active duty troops and retired veterans."

Why wait? Cast your ballot now and get a head start on reelecting the President for four more years. Find out everything you need to know about voting early at

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