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“Every little bit counts”

Rebecca from North Carolina is doing what she can for the campaign.

“I don’t have the ability to give a lot of money, so I’ve been trying to make small donations,” she says. “This is very important to me, so I donate when I can and I volunteer at the local campaign headquarters.”

As a longtime nurse, Rebecca has seen the results of Obamacare firsthand and she knows that there’s no turning back. “I work in health care and I see it all the time. Before, people would come in without insurance and we wouldn’t turn anybody away. But now, with the President’s health care reform, those same people are showing up—but now a lot of them have insurance.”

International diplomacy is also very important to Rebecca, and she’s been impressed with President Obama’s strong record on foreign policy. “I think he’s doing an amazing job. He’s trying to rebuild bridges that have been broken down over the years. He’s very bright and I think he’s trying to make thoughtful decisions.”

To anyone thinking of joining her and over 4 million other Americans who have donated to the campaign, Rebecca has a piece of advice:

“There’s no better time than the present. Every little bit counts. I don’t want to look back and have regrets; if we all give a little bit, it goes a long way.”

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