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Estelle organizes the organizers as The Scheduler of Jefferson County


All good organizers adhere to the adage: “If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist.” Estelle C. of Wheat Ridge takes that adage to heart – times three.

“I don’t want people to fall through the cracks,” Estelle says as she busily marks down scheduled one-on-ones on a big paper calendar at a weeknight phonebank. She’s been dubbed “the scheduler” for volunteers in Jefferson County who have been phonebanking to set up one-on-ones since April.

The process is simple: Estelle has large note cards with the name of each volunteer leader, and as they schedule a one-on-one with a person they’ve just phonebanked, the give the information to Estelle, who transfers the day and time to the note card. She also writes down the meeting information on a large paper calendar that the team shares, and, finally, she makes a notation in her own personal datebook.


“I’ve got their information in three places, so I know they’re not going to slip through the cracks,” she says. At the end of the phone bank she’s collected all of the planned meetings, and phonebankers leave with the information all in one place. “No one leaves without their note card,” Estelle says and smiles.

Not only does Estelle keep the calendar, she also gets the new recruits identified in the VAN and makes confirmation calls the night before a scheduled meeting. “With one-on-ones, someone has to call them the night before.” And since she knows when all the meetings are, she’s happy to make the call.

As a new Neighborhood Team Leader, Estelle is making sure that no one she works with will miss a meeting – and any cracks she saw before have completely disappeared.

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