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Erik H. is IN for 2012!

Erik H.

Raised in a family with 17 children on the modest income of a social worker, Erik H. grew up understanding the need for a compassionate, efficient government. Erik identifies his father, a politically active man best described as sympathetic and progressive, as a powerful influence on his life. His father’s legacy continues today as Erik and many of his family members are politically active in the Democratic Party. Erik’s life and views were also shaped by his travels across the globe where he gained a broader understanding of the global society we must interact with daily. He is now motivated to help encourage entrepreneurship and growth of the middle class, which he feels has been hampered by a cultural shift in the U.S. from a mindset of ‘we’ to ‘me’. When the president was still a state senator in Illinois, Erik identified him as a charismatic, considerate leader and has since steadily supported him. Erik wanted to be more actively involved, and decided he would join the campaign by meeting volunteer Mark H. for a 1:1. Now that he’s shared his story with his new campaign family, Erik is excitedly looking forward to hosting his first house party!
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