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Enough of this inaction

Congress sacrifices up to $37 million dollars a day, simply by refusing to act on a bill that has already passed in the Senate with bipartisan support. That's unacceptable.

Our immigration system is broken and badly needs to be fixed. That’s why OFA volunteers mobilized in 34 key districts on Saturday—to let their representatives know that it’s time for them to lead on this issue rather than let the House continue to burden our communities and our country.

Business leader and Illinois Business Immigration Coalition steering committee member John Atkinson spoke at a rally in front of Congressman Lipinski’s office, citing strong support from the state’s business community:

As someone who has created jobs in this city and helps employers of all sizes to grow their businesses, I know that we need immigration reform to ensure a stronger economic recovery and a thriving middle class. Congressman Lipinski talks about wanting to create American manufacturing jobs, and yet according to the National Association of Manufacturers, U.S. manufacturing companies could not even fill 600,000 open skilled positions now—and that number is expected to grow in future years. In fact, immigration reform will create over 100,000 jobs in Illinois and over 14,000 jobs in the 3rd district. The time for immigration reform is now. Dan, we need you to lead!
Business leader John Atkinson speaks at a rally in front of Representative Lipinski's office.

Harry P. first got involved with OFA a little over a week ago at an Organizer Academy, and he is already mobilizing for immigration reform. At one of several action events in New Jersey, volunteers passed out flyers and urged communities to reach out to their representatives and to Speaker Boehner. According to Harry, an overwhelming number of people responded positively and enthusiastically, and many weren’t aware that all it would take is for Speaker Boehner to call a vote. “Volunteers made Obamacare happen, and we can do the same for comprehensive immigration reform—and then we’ll move on to other issues,” Harry says.

These are only two of the more than three dozen events OFA and its volunteers held to help draw attention to the cost of Congress’ inaction. See more photos and tweets in the slideshow below.

Help put the pressure on Congress—take action today.
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