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OFA's message makes headlines

While Speaker Boehner continued the Tea Party shutdown, OFA supporters were taking action and making headlines from coast to coast.

"Enough Already" made the front page in Naples, Florida, and Greenville, South Carolina.

* Local Obamacare advocates spank Congress, KXNT-TV—Las Vegas, Nevada
Organizer Susan Brooks called it grandstanding. “They’re manufacturing a crisis in a very fragile environment,” she told KXNT. “And we don’t need that.”

* Protestors march as shutdown continues, KRQE-TV—Albuquerque, New Mexico
"I was furloughed, and I find it very frustrating because we do important work at the federal government," Shelly Mund told KRQE News 13. "I think the government is an important and honorable thing, and it offends me."

Orange County Chapter Lead Ivana Sifuentes tells LA's Fox11 News that Americans have had enough already with members of Congress who shut down the entire government because they can't get their way on Obamacare.

* Group protests government shutdown in downtown Phoenix, KTAR-FM—Phoenix, Arizona
"We're against the shutdown of the government, and we want to see it reopened as fast as possible," said John Curran, a team leader for the group Organizing for Action.

* Hoosiers protest government shutdown, WISH-TV—Indianapolis, IN
"It just feels like we're being bullied, and I don't like bullies," said Linda Porter.

* Obama supporters demonstrate outside shuttered federal office, Minnesota Public Radio—Minneapolis, Minnesota
Guards inside the building turned visitors away, telling them many services were unavailable due to the shutdown. Veteran Kevin Johnson says the VA hospital where he gets cancer treatment is still open, yet he fears services will become restricted if the shutdown lasts much longer.

This government shutdown did not have to happen. Tell Speaker Boehner to pass a budget, pay the bills and stop sabotaging our economy.

Tell Speaker Boehner: Enough Already
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