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Election Day in the Granite State

Lenore and her daughter Eliana came up from Massachusetts to volunteer in New Hampshire today.


"I think we really made a difference. Some people were on the fence about getting out to the polls, but after taking they plan to go vote!"

First time voter Julia was out volunteering today with her friends Jubilee, Grace, and Shetarrah.


"It was so exciting to vote for President Obama for my first election experience. Volunteering this afternoon was even better. It's a great feeling knowing we helped convince people to go vote."


"This election is really going to impact our future. Since I'm too young to vote, I've been trying to make a difference by volunteering. We knocked on doors all afternoon! Hopefully reminding people to go vote will help President Obama win New Hampshire!"

Portsmouth canvass captain Kris had a steady stream of volunteers today.


"Our team knocked on over 3,000 doors in Portsmouth this weekend. We're on track to talk to another 1,000 people today. Everyone needs to know how important it is to cast their vote here in New Hampshire."

Marlaina and Katelyn are UNH freshmen who rode to the polls in style today.


"We're on an Obama bus on the way to the polls. This is a pretty awesome first-time voting experience!"

Kayla and Alaina also cast their first ballots for President Obama today.


"It was exciting to be able to make a difference by voting. I'm a freshman, so I'll be here another four years. I decided it was important to register here, since New Hampshire is such an important state in this election."

Emily is a New Hampshire native who started volunteering in her hometown Manchester before organizing on UHN campus at the start of the school year.


"I've been out on campus making sure people know about the rides to the poll. As students in New Hampshire, we have the right to vote here. We've literally had busloads of students going to the polls all day. I feel like our votes will really make a difference in this election!"

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