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Eileen: “There’s too much at stake to not do my part”

“I was a big supporter of then-Senator Obama in 2008. It was a historic election, and I spent as much time as I could knocking doors in my neighborhood to help get out the vote.

“After the election, I continued to support the President by telling everyone who comes in to my barber shop how great he is. I truly believe his policies have made people's lives better across Pennsylvania and the country.

“A couple months ago, I decided I needed to do more, and became more involved in volunteering again. This is going to be a close election, and I want to do everything I can. Because I have arthritis, I am unable to do as much canvassing as I did in 2008. Instead, I have started hosting a phone bank and team meeting every Monday. I am glad I made the decision to be actively involved with the campaign again. There’s too much at stake to not do my part.”

Eileen, small business owner, Pennsylvania


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