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Educators school bus tour: Fran and Scott

Fran, above, and Scott, below. See more pictures from the school bus tour on our Facebook page.

We heard such inspiring stories from teachers on our Out Educate school bus tour last week that we wanted to continue sharing them with you. Educators from across New Hampshire and Massachusetts rode across the state to speak to voters about the President's positive impact on education and why they have his back this November.

Retired teacher Fran takes great pride in her work. She knows that a good education will set up a child's future:

"I feel blessed to be an educator. I believe, like President Obama, that each and every child in our country deserves a world class education. One that gives them the skills they need to find a job and to go out into the world and be successful. That's why I'm standing with President Obama."

Scott, who, in addition to being president of the National Education Association in New Hampshire, is also a teacher and a parent, knows the importance of good education and its impact on our future:

"Cutting teachers' jobs means hurting more than just hardworking teachers and our hardworking children-it means hurting the economy and our ability to compete in the future too. Mitt Romney as Governor didn't get this, and his economic philosophy clearly shows that nothing's changed."

This is all a question of priorities. President Obama has committed to investment, growth and innovation in our education system. Romney seems bent on rolling all of this progress back. If you stand with the President on education, add your name now.

Has the President's achievements on education made an impact to you as an educator? You can share your story and sign up to back the President here.

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