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"Educate, motivate, activate"

Fred B.

This February, we're celebrating the incredible African American volunteers that are building our campaign here in Michigan. Stand with us, take ownership of this campaign and join African Americans for Obama today

Fred B. is a familiar face in our Southern Macomb County office in Warren. As a Data Coordinator, he’s constantly keeping track of our work on the ground. His journey to working for the election – and now re-election of President Obama – began as a young child, watching his family participate in the civil rights movement.

"I was a toddler at the time. My cousins carried me to the sit-ins because if they had a child with them, they wouldn't go to jail – and they’d live to protest another day. I’ve organized with unions, I organized to elect President Obama and now I’m here to keep him in the White House. My reason for being involved in this campaign? Three principles I follow: Educate, Motivate, Activate."

He added:

"The leaders of each and every movement I've had the opportunity to work with have taken the time to educate themselves before educating others. The education of others is the foundation of any movement. We must let people know how the accomplishments of the President affect their lives and the lives of their families. That will motivate them to take action. And then - they will know that it takes more than just their one vote -- but the votes of their friends, families and colleagues -- and they will continue to educate, motivate and activate those folks as well."

Fred is committed to inspiring volunteers through Election Day - and pushing neighborhood teams to meet and exceed their organizing goals.

"Many years ago, a coach told me: When we kick the ball, we should play like we're 10 points behind. In this campaign, we should get up every day thinking we are 10 points behind in the polls."

Meet volunteers like Fred at a Valentine's Day event this Tuesday to learn more about the campaign - and don't forget to join him at African Americans for Obama.

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