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It's all about the economy

President Obama visited Illinois, Tennessee, and Arizona in recent weeks to push his plan to give Americans a better bargain, making sure that everybody who works hard has a chance to succeed in the 21st century economy. Along the way, OFA volunteers were there to greet him.
Action August is a month-long effort by OFA supporters to engage on the issues that matter to them most—and on issue after issue, there's a clear connection to the need to grow our economy from the middle out.
Obamacare is about providing the relief of affordable health insurance that fits the budget of a middle-class family—a plan that is there when they need it.
Comprehensive immigration reform would also boost our economy, reduce the deficit, and—as President Obama pointed out in his speech in Galesburg, Illinois—"immigration reform that makes undocumented workers pay their full share of taxes would actually shore up Social Security for years."
Combating climate change spurs innovation and creates jobs for people right here at home—especially in growing industries like the green energy sector, which will help us tackle climate change.
OFA volunteers are standing up and saying these are the issues important to them. We know these things are vital to growing the economy.
No matter which issues you care about, there's still time to be part of Action August—and to learn more about the President's plan to create a better bargain for the middle class.
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