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Easter Weekend in El Paso

Dozens of supporters in El Paso came together to celebrate Easter Weekend with a whopping four phone bank events in the region. Thanks to our Organizing Fellows, our campaign expanded into two new areas of town, including Central and Northeast El Paso. In total, our supporters made 1,346 calls to recruit new volunteers.

Robert D., one of our Organizing Fellows, hosted the central El Paso phone bank event in a music-recording studio. He decided to become an Organizing Fellow because he believes that the way to solve problems is to bring the community together. His reverence for strengthening communal ties is a major reason why he supports President Obama. "I believe Obama is the best choice for fighting the polarity and cynicism in Washington.” Robert added, “He has the ability to create effective, long-lasting change in our political system and in the United States.”

Robert and the other Organizing Fellows are working hard to expand into even more areas of El Paso. Our next targets are the Lower Valley and Far East side of town. Volunteers like these are building this movement in our communities, one conversation at a time. They're IN, are you IN?

Make a difference in your community by applying to be an Organizing Fellow. Follow us on Facebook at 'Obama For America- TX' and on Twitter at @OFA_TX.

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