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East Valley Neighborhood Team Leader is Ready for 2012


With the calendar turning to 2012, I think back to 2004 when I was a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. A first-year Senator from Illinois by the name of Barack Obama gave an incredible speech. It was a dynamic speech that many Democrats will never forget. It was then that I knew that this man would run and become our next Democratic President.

I was proud to work hard in Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign to get him elected. I am going to work just as hard if not harder in the re-election campaign this year because I know that the President’s job is not done. I want to make sure he has four more years to complete the job and finish what he started with that inspiring speech in 2004.

As a Neighborhood Team Leader in the East Valley, I am very proud of the team we have been able to put together over the last few months. I am a founding member of GEM DEMS, (Greater Eastern Maricopa Democrats), so I am especially happy to see the strong relationship between my local Democratic organization and Organizing for America. With the help of our energetic and committed volunteer team members, we met or exceeded all of our goals this fall, and now that it’s 2012 we are excited to recruit volunteers and grow our team even more!

Get involved and volunteer with us here in Arizona. Now is the time to step up for the 2012 campaign.

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