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Durham meets Joe Biden

"I'm here because Joe Biden fights for the middle class ... and he's the perfect person to get me fired up on a Monday morning."
—Joe from Raleigh
"I brought my grandson with me today because this election is about his future."
"Joe Biden is just awesome, plain and simple. As a college student, I know that he is fighting for me."

Supporters in Durham, North Carolina gave Vice President Joe Biden a warm welcome today. At the event, a few folks shared why they look up to the Vice President, and why they’ll keep working hard for him in the final 85 days of this election.

"In Joe Biden, I see the same working class background that my father came from. I admire my father for how he works for others, and I admire Joe Biden for that same reason."
—Rachel, a neighborhood team leader in Chapel Hill
Chrissy, neighborhood team leader
"You don't have to be a billionaire for Joe Biden to care about you. He is for all Americans."
"Joe Biden is honest, and you see every day that he is working for people like us."
—Billie and Mozelle
"In Joe Biden, I see the values that I care about. That’s why I work so hard every day."
—Chrissy, a neighborhood team leader
"The choice couldn't be clearer now, and Joe Biden is the one fighting for everyday Americans."

Lend the Vice President a hand while he’s out on the campaign trail—get involved in your neighborhood today.

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