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Driving the news

How do you quantify the work of thousands of volunteers fighting to reduce gun violence?

There's no perfect way to measure the full impact, but the number of petitions gathered in support of background checks for gun sales—more than 750,000 as of last Friday—and the plummeting approval ratings of senators who are blocking popular reforms both point to the incredible impact supporters have had in just a few months.

But there's also the hundreds of grassroots events, and the countless conversations they've helped foster. From the nightly news to hometown newspapers, OFA supporters have kept the issue of gun violence in the spotlight, and kept the pressure on lawmakers to act.

We've put together a map of just some of the news coverage that OFA volunteers have helped drive over the past few month. Take a look:

OFA supporters are driving the news on gun violence prevention

When hundreds of thousands of people speak up, it doesn't go unnoticed.

This fight is far from over.

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Christopher Hass