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Drew is Glad to be Involved

Drew, a Reno native, has dedicated his summer to help President Obama’s 2012 campaign, and sees communicating with those in his own community as being most vital to that effort.

A political junky from a Democratic family, Drew had never previously volunteered or participated in a campaign. In 2008, he was a strong supporter of Barack Obama, but never took that next step to help during his campaign.

The turning point for Drew came following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. He, like many others, felt that more could have been accomplished. But instead of blaming the President or Congress, he held himself responsible. He had not done anything to contribute to the debate. Like President Obama said, “change begins with us.” If he wanted to make a true difference in his lifetime, he could not sit back and wait for it to happen.

Drew M., Summer Organizer

Drew considers President Obama to be a fighter for the everyday person. Instead of putting the interests of a handful of billionaires ahead of the rest of the country, he wants to see the restoration of the middle class, where people have access to good jobs, affordable healthcare, and can have their children go to properly funded schools.

Drew has seen first hand the benefits of the President’s hard work. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, after being uninsured for a year, he is now covered under his parent’s policy.

Come on down to meet Drew and his fellow summer organizers, and volunteer at an event near you!

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