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Dreaming of the Future

"I support President Obama because he has stepped up for me, my friends and people like me across the country." says Karina B.

Karina is a New Mexico student who has a personal connection to the immigration debate.

She came here with her mother and sister from Mexico, who she still lives with. Since then, she has been working hard for a brighter future. She strongly supports the President and was heartened by his recent announcement halting the deportation of young people brought to the U.S. Illegally by their parents.

This announcement has given me hope -- hope towards a better future and hope to keep fighting for our communities, families, and students. It gives me hope to accomplish my dreams… and my mother's dreams.

Her mother has worked hard to improve her life and the life of her sister, and Karina considers America to be her home.

If you want an immigration system that is more fair for young people like Karina, please stand with President Obama and join Us.

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