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“Dream big dreams”

10-year-old Raquel

“In a few days, I’m going to give my 10-year-old daughter Raquel one of the best gifts I’ll ever give her: one of her pictures, framed, with a note on it from the President of the United States—‘Dream big dreams.’

“How I got that picture is quite the story.

"Two weeks ago, I got to meet President Obama at a rally in Las Vegas. Knowing that I was going to be able to greet him, I took with me a picture of Raquel, who couldn’t make it. But somehow, in between handing it over to Secret Service agents to get it signed by the President, the picture was misplaced. The agents apologized and pledged to find the picture and return it to me, but I was heartbroken—what was I going to tell my daughter?

“Then a couple days ago, I came home to find an official letter in the mailbox from the White House, signed by the President, with Raquel’s picture attached. You should have seen me—I was nothing but joy. They kept their word! They took care of it. I was so happy to realize that neither the President nor his agents had forgotten me.

“And that’s why I’m such a strong supporter of President Obama: because he hasn't forgotten about people like me. Thanks to the President’s policies, I was able to receive an $8,000 refund after buying my first home in 2008. Being able to afford the house was a huge deal for me—I had spent years looking to buy a home in California, but it was just too expensive. Because of the refund, I was finally able to buy a home for me and Raquel.

“I believe in what President Obama is doing for America. I think he’s got the right idea, and I know that he’ll be able to get America back on track like he said he would do. It just wasn't going to happen overnight. But I know that with him, we’ll be able to keep the American Dream alive so that families like mine can buy a home without having to worry about foreclosure.

“Now I’m in my first home, waiting to frame Raquel’s picture and the White House stationery so I can give it to her.”

—Irwin, Nevada

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