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Dr. Jill Biden tours Michigan

“This election is personal to me. And it’s not just because my husband’s name is on the ballot.”

Dr. Jill Biden joined volunteers for three stops in Michigan yesterday, starting the day off in Grand Rapids to kickoff a Saturday canvass, followed by a meet-and-greet with Kalamazoo College students and ending the day in Battle Creek for an office opening.

Here's what some folks had to say about the day's events - and why they're more fired up than ever:

"Seeing Dr. Jill Biden in the field office was electrifying. She is such an inspiration to teachers like myself, and I know her husband and the President are committed to an affordable, world-class education to Americans of all ages." - Betsy, a teacher from Kentwood
"I volunteered in 2008, and I'm back again to make sure President Obama can finish the great work he started. I'm originally from Detroit - and we know how this region is coming back thanks to the auto rescue." - Patty, a volunteer in Calhoun County
"I've been able to keep my 23 year-old daughter on my health care plan while she works hard to gain full-time employment. That's reason enough to make sure it doesn't go away." - Ron, Marshall
"I got a call from volunteers asking me to come out to the new office in Battle Creek. I love making phone calls, and I've pledged to reach out to voters through Election Day." - Seely, Battle Creek

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