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Dr. Jill Biden hits the campaign trail to talk education

Dr. Jill Biden in Minnesota

Dr. Jill Biden visited Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania last weekend for her first solo campaign trip since the Democratic National Convention. At a stop at North Hennepin Community College, she spoke to a crowd of enthusiastic students about education—an issue close to her heart as a lifelong teacher:

“I want all of you to know that the President, the Vice President, and this entire administration believe if we’re going to create an economy that's built to last, we’ve got to start by making sure that young people like you can get the skills and the knowledge you need to fulfill your potential.”

Dr. Biden’s visit inspired students to get involved on their campuses:

“I could really feel how energetic everyone was. There is a lot of focus and excitement for this election at my college.”

“I like that she’s a community college teacher and that she focuses on [education] issues. We need more focus on community colleges. She really did a good job defining the choice on some important issues this year.”

“Dr. Biden's speech was inspiring. I'm definitely going to continue to be involved. Dr. Biden reminded me how important this election is for students everywhere because of health care and student loan reform.”

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