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Dr. Jill Biden Called Me and Asked Me to Vote Early

Kathy from Appleton planned to vote for President Obama on Election Day, but all that changed after she got an unexpected phone call.


"I like the experience of voting on election day," said the 45-year-old Appleton resident. "I wasn't going to vote early, but then Jill Biden called me and left a voice mail encouraging me to cast my ballot early."

"I listened to her message and I was totally caught off guard. I hadn't thought about the significance of making sure my vote was counted early until that phone call from Dr. Biden. Anything could happen on Election Day, and this election is important, so I want to make sure I don't miss the opportunity to vote."

"When I got the message from the Second Lady, I was right by City Hall, so I just went in and voted. It was so quick and easy! This way, I know I got the election off to the right start, and I'm free to volunteer on November 6th. I signed up for a few shifts to get out the vote so on Election Day I can go door-to-door and help others vote after I get off of work."

Kathy Crop Post

Ask Kathy how to vote – it’s easy. You can find the information you need to cast your ballot at

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