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Doug and Teri: "Paul Ryan is Not for Janesville, and Not for the Middle Class."


Doug and Teri know how to keep busy – between work, keeping up with their family’s schedule, and making time to stop by the local field office in downtown Janesville to organize for President Obama. Together, they’ve called Janesville home for over 25 years and have shared many memories raising their family and being part of the local community. The issues being discussed today hit home for this family and the future they want for themselves and their children:

“Obamacare is huge for us, specifically for our family. Our 23-year-old daughter had no health insurance until Obamacare was signed into law. It’s near and dear to our hearts now that she has access to the care she needs, when she needs it."

“The city and the state can’t afford more cuts to education, services for the elderly – I want social security and medicare to be there when I reach that age – and to be similar to what it is today -- not a voucher program, because otherwise, in the long run, it’s going to put too much burden on younger family members. You should be able to get out what you put in."

“As a whole, the city and the state cannot afford any more cuts to education. Our school district is really valuable to us because our kids have special needs. We need to keep our school funding at the level that it is so our kids can get the services that they need to be successful.”

“It confuses me the way Paul Ryan talks about his community because most of us know he’s not invested in the middle class of Janesville. At first, that local connection made you want to support him, but he has just disjointed himself from our community as a whole. He’s not vested in the middle class of Janesville.

“We support President Obama because you have to take someone for what they are, and what they represent, and what they bring to the community. President Obama stands up for us.”

This election is a choice between two fundamentally different visions for America: President Obama is fighting to grow the economy from the middle out, not the top down. A Romney-Ryan administration would go back to the exact same policies that caused the recession and hurt the middle class.

Stand with someone who stands up for us – commit to vote for President Obama today.

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