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Doubling down on comprehensive immigration reform

Comprehensive immigration reform likely has enough support to pass in the House of Representatives today. All they need to do is bring the legislation to a vote—the one thing they've refused to do. That's why today, OFA is doubling down on reform.

What does that mean? In the weeks ahead, OFA will be concentrating efforts on House Republican leadership and a select group of members of Congress to make sure the House of Representatives votes on comprehensive immigration reform.

That includes Republican leaders like Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, but also members of congress who represent communities deeply affected by our broken immigration system, like Representatives Dan Lipinski and Gary Miller. And it includes House members like Representative Paul Ryan, who have spoken out in support of comprehensive reform but have so far failed to act.

Over the past 10 months, OFA volunteers have worked with members of Congress in their communities, pushing them to publicly support comprehensive immigration reform. And those efforts paid off. In August alone, six more members of the House of Representatives came out in support of an earned pathway to citizenship. We've seen that grassroots organizing can make a difference, and that's what's needed now more than ever.

President Obama has made immigration reform one of his top priorities, and so has OFA. It’s time for Congress to get back to solving problems instead of creating them. It's time to vote on immigration reform.

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