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Doing Something You Believe In.

Susan S "I'm Im!

Summer organizer Susan S. is originally from Massachusetts and joins us in Missouri by way of Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas City and Dallas before landing in O’Fallon, Missouri. The opportunity to participate in our summer organizer program came along at just the right time for Susan. She first learned about the program while she was between jobs, and finding herself in a great position to volunteer more.

“I have appreciated the gifts that President Obama shares with our country since the late 1990's. I believe that our country continues to need his leadership, and that he should be elected for a second term. It’s an awesome experience to be doing something that I believe in, and always wanted to do, yet have struggled to find the time.”

When Susan isn’t organizing, she’s spending time with her two sons, Ian (9) and Zach (5); and playing World of Warcraft.

When asked for her summer organizer highlight so far:

“The National Summer Organizer call with President Obama was pretty awesome and exciting.

Follow all the summer organizer happenings on Twitter with @OFA_MO and #SumOrg11!

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