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"Doing Double the Good"

Grassroots campaigns like ours only work if people step up to own a piece of it.

We’re not relying on special interests or Washington lobbyists to win this election and change the course of this country—we’re relying on each other.

That's just what a lawyer in Colorado, a small business owner in California, and a professor in Florida have been doing today. Each of them made a pledge to the campaign that has been matched by another supporter, and through our donation matching tool they've been able to exchange notes with the person they inspired to give.

“This is a campaign I'm proud to be a part of. Things have not been easy, and have not always gone the way I wanted, but there is no one I'd rather have leading us in hard times than the President.”

—Lawyer in Colorado

“This is my third contribution this year, and I intend to keep on giving until the election. It's great to link my money up with yours and feel like I'm doing double the good!”

—Small business owner in California

“I hope you'll join in this campaign. It's great to be part of something that is really making a difference in the world.”

—Professor in Florida

We’re taking the same approach to our fundraising as we are to our grassroots organizing—they belong to you.

So what are you waiting for? Make a donation now and double the impact of your money. If you like, we’ll even put you in touch with the person who matches your donation so you can exchange messages with them.

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