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Do one thing for immigration reform

Action August is about doing whatever you can — big or small — to make our voices heard while our members of Congress are home.

This week, we're focused on comprehensive immigration reform, and thousands of supporters are holding events across the country to keep the pressure on the House. Even though the Senate passed a bill back in June, the House has yet to hold a vote.

So here's one quick thing you can do today from the comfort of your own home: Share your family's heritage — and tell Speaker Boehner that now is the time for reform.

Here's what I'm posting on my Facebook and Twitter:

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Fill-in where your family is from — no matter how far back your immigration story goes. You can post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — whatever social network you'd like. And ask your friends to share where their families are from, too. Just make sure you tag Speaker Boehner.

It's all about keeping up the drumbeat — it's getting louder and louder thanks to voices like yours.

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