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DMV: Department of Meeting Voters

Alex and his chair

With the sun having just risen, I’m already out and about. My wristwatch might say it's six in the morning, but as an organizer, it’s always campaign time. With voter registration forms in one hand and an embarrassingly bright-pink beach chair in another, I head over to my neighborhood DMV.

For many, the DMV is a dreaded experience. But for summer organizers, it stands for "Department of Meeting Voters." It’s a voter registration and organizing gold mine.

“Hi ma’am. Are you registered to vote at your current location?” I ask.

Sadly, I’m ignored. Not really the response I was looking for.

I ask a young man, “Hello there! Are you registered to vote in Nevada?”

“Well, actually, I’m not. I just moved here from California.”

“Perfect! Can I have you fill out this form? It’ll only take a minute. I promise.”

As much as this campaign is about building relationships and reaching out to groups of individuals in order to empower them, our final goal as organizers is to re-elect President Obama.

Out in our neighborhoods, we’re trying our hardest to ensure that the President can continue pursuing the change and progress that this country so desperately needs. Part of that means making sure Americans have their voices heard on Election Day.

Once I’ve collected the completed voter registration form, my role as an organizer kicks in.

“Do you know if you’ll be supporting Barack Obama next year?”

“Yes, I am!”

“That’s great. Can I have you fill out this 'I’m In' card to show your support?”

“Sure thing.”

Another voter registered. Another supporter engaged. Where else can you work on your tan while enfranchising people and organizing? This is why I love the DMV.

Join Alex and thousands of volunteers to register voters across the country tomorrow for our National Day of Action. Find an event near you here.

You can keep up to date with the what the team in Nevada is up to on our Facebook page and by following @OFA_NV on Twitter.

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