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Their Labels Can't Hide the Facts: DM Register Editorial - "What 'Obamacare' Critics Don't Tell You"

This week, the Des Moines Register published an editorial that underscores the importance of the benefits provided through the Affordable Care Act, specifically for those who are unemployed and have no insurance coverage.

The reform law ensures people without “traditional” jobs can buy affordable coverage on their own in newly created “insurance exchanges.” Just as important, the health law requires plans to cover specific services, including emergency, hospital, mental health and maternity care.

That is what Americans should remember when presidential candidates talk about “repealing Obamacare.”

This is just the latest in a number of articles which highlight the serious consequences that Americans would face if any of the GOP presidential candidates had their way in repealing coverage to millions of Americans that is ensured by the ACA.

That's why the work our staff and volunteers are doing at the local level across the state is so vital. We need folks like you to continue building this campaign in your own neighborhoods, brick-by-brick, block-by-block. Talking with friends and neighbors about the historic progress that's already been achieved during President Obama's first term, and the progress still to come, is how we will be successful in 2012.

The first thing you can do to show your support is Commit to Caucus and stand up for Obama 2012 at the upcoming Iowa Democratic caucuses!

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