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Djibril is in!

Djibril D. a native of Ivory Coast, Africa, who currently resides in Horn Lake, MS is a staunch supporter of President Obama. Djibril is a small business owner of a robotic software company in north Mississippi. Years ago, Djbril came to the United States for hopes of achieving the American Dream. During the mid to late 90’s Djirbril had a flourishing business with several employees. Unfortunately for Djibril, the economic downturn had a devastating impact on his business. Due to the financial hard times, Djibril had to lay off all of his employees. This was not the America Dream Djibril had sought after.

In 2008, Djibril enthusiastically voted for President Obama, because he was confident that America’s economy will be restored. In a Desoto County team meeting Djibril said,

“It will take four years for President Obama to dig us out of this hole we are currently in. It will take him another four years to lead us to economic prosperity, which is why I am here today.”
Djibril, is committed to helping re-elect President Obama to another term, to help restore people’s hope of achieving the American Dream.

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