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Digital Fall Fellow Proud Of Experience


This summer I was new to the Phoenix area, working two jobs, and had never participated in a campaign in my life. Four months later, I am a trained and organized member of the team that will reelect Barack Obama in 2012. As the Digital Fall Fellow (also working on Operations), I used my skills to contribute to a cause I believe in, while also learning how to use Twitter to publicize our volunteer events, develop Arizona’s narrative through Facebook and write blogs about our volunteers.

I made a choice to get involved. I didn’t have to enroll in the Fellowship program. I could have told Organizing for America that I was too busy, or that I’d donated money, or made the excuse that I don’t have a car (I really don’t). I am wholeheartedly glad that I made the time to be in the office every day. The Fall Fellowship program introduced me to the ins and outs of grassroots and organizing and the best practices of digital strategies to this valuable work. I will use the training and experience that I’ve earned through the Fellowship Program for the rest of my life.

While every Fellow’s experience differs based on what their role is, where they organize, and who they work with, we all exit the program having turned a passion into real, tangible progress. We can try to measure our successes by how many conversations we’ve held or the number of registered voters, but at the end of the day the most telling gauge is the pride you take in your work. I am proud to organize for President Obama.

The Spring Fellowship Program is approaching, and I encourage anyone who is proud of the President and his accomplishments to apply to become a Spring Fellow. Are you in for 2012? I'm signing up for another Fellowship, you should click here to apply to become a Spring Fellow in Arizona.

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