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Did you see: Romney economics around the country

In state after state, local newspapers are highlighting the impact Romney economics has had on their communities. Florida, Nevada, and Iowa are just a few of the states with a direct connection to Mitt Romney’s history as a corporate buyout specialist:

Miami, Florida

The case of Dade Behring in Miami, where some 850 jobs were lost while Romney led Bain has been well-documented. But there’s a new wrinkle: The company under Bain’s leadership sought and received millions of dollars in tax breaks for creating jobs in Puerto Rico—shortly before closing its facilities, costing nearly 300 jobs.
The Miami Herald

Las Vegas, Nevada

In Winnemucca, 166 miles northeast of Reno, Rich Stone, owner of a dry cleaner next to the former Stage Store, remembers the retailer as a fine fit for the community.

Since it closed, residents of the small town of 8,900 and surrounding Humboldt County can’t buy non-Western-themed clothes there. They have to travel to Reno or shop online, Stone said.

“It’s a void,” said Stone, who is also a city councilman and a Republican. “We lose a lot of sales tax revenue.”
Las Vegas Sun

Des Moines, Iowa

“He led a pack of wolves that went in and fed upon these communities and took jobs away,” Sagar said.

Sagar pointed to two specific instances in which Bain profited from dismantling companies: Stage, a clothing store that had locations in many small Iowa cities, and GST Steel, a Kansas City steel firm.
The Des Moines Register

For the rest of the story about how Mitt Romney’s decisions impacted communities across the country, check out

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