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Did you see: President Obama on the importance of Title IX

President Obama talked with ESPN about how Title IX legislation, passed 40 years ago this year, is making an impact:

I am a huge believer that sports ends up being good for kids, and especially good for girls. It gives them confidence, it gives them a sense of what it means to compete. Studies show that girls who are involved in athletics often do better in school; they are more confident in terms of dealing with boys. And, so, for those of us who grew up just as Title IX was taking off, to see the development of women's role models in sports, and for girls to know they excelled in something, there would be a spot for them in college where they weren't second-class, I think has helped to make our society more equal in general.

The President went on to talk about his favorite female athlete some tips he’s learned from coaching Sasha’s basketball team. Watch the rest of the interview here.

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