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Did you see: “NancyCare: Making insurance more affordable for small businesses”

Nancy Clark, a small business owner in New Hampshire, took advantage of an Affordable Care Act tax credit to help keep her promise never to sacrifice employee health care provisions. The White House blog profiled her as part of the MyCare video series:

“My personal philosophy is health care is a right and it should be affordable,” Nancy says. “So here as a very small business owner, I will always offer the mechanism by which people can have access to health care.”

The small business tax credit provided by the Affordable Care Act was important to Nancy’s company. For 2010 and 2011, the credit helped with Glen Group’s bottom line. And now that the economy and Nancy’s business are getting stronger, she says: “My hope is that in 2012 we will … take that tax credit and I would like to use it to pay down deductibles or even to pay … one copay or two copays.”

Nancy first heard about the Affordable Care Act tax credit from her accountant. Her message to other small businesses: “If you’re not aware of it, I would say absolutely ask your accountant because every tax credit is meaningful.”

For the full story of Nancy’s small-town marketing business, you can catch the video on the White House blog.

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