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Did you see: Marriage equality in the news

President Obama became the first sitting president to express his support for same-sex marriage yesterday—and the nation took notice. Here’s what some of this morning’s editorials had to say:

“It has always taken strong national leadership to expand equal rights in this country, and it has long been obvious that marriage rights are no exception. President Obama offered some of that leadership on Wednesday.”
The New York Times
“This development is symbolically important and enormously cheering. The nation has moved swiftly, in historical terms, from cruel and almost unthinking bigotry against gay men and lesbians to recognition that such prejudice is unacceptable.”
The Washington Post
“President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage was both substantively important and politically brave. And he deserves enormous credit for it.”
The New Republic

Show the President you’re with him, too. Add your name to stand up with President Obama for LGBT rights and marriage equality.

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