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Did you see: Innovation is key to Michigan’s recovery

Thanks to Michigan’s boom in manufacturing innovation, its economy is getting back on track. A new study from the Brookings Institution finds that Michigan “is a model state for economic recovery.”

The report, titled “Michigan’s Urban and Metropolitan Strategy,” looks at why Michigan is currently enjoying the second-strongest post-recession recovery among all 50 states. Long powered by manufacturing, it is a renewed innovation prowess that is becoming a game changer in the manufacturing experience.

In “Michigan experiencing a manufacturing boomlet,” [CBS News] writer Phil Hirschkorn looks at how bead manufacturer Dave Schowalter uses software originally developed for auto and aerospace design. Schowalter’s Collegiate Bead Co., which now employs 20 people, is part of a trend in Michigan, where 45,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since 2009.

Read the full post at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation blog.

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