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“Devastatingly effective”

From fact-checking Mitt Romney's views on equal pay to highlighting key moments from the night, here's what people are saying about President Obama's debate win:

“Obama won the debate decisively. The president had a simple formula: Defend and explain his record while insisting that Romney wasn't being truthful. He kept Romney on the defensive and came prepared with counter-punches to nearly every topic. It was devastatingly effective.”
Taegan Goddard

“ … If you’re scoring it on points, Obama wins on points.”
Charles Krauthammer

"Instant polls by CNN and CBS both found that President Obama came out ahead of Mitt Romney in the second presidential debate."

“When George H.W. Bush looked at his watch in a 1992 debate with Bill Clinton and Ross Perot and absolutely bungled a question about how the national debt had affected him personally, he cemented the impression that he was out of touch with real Americans’ lives. When Gerald Ford denied in 1976 that there was any 'Soviet domination' of Eastern Europe, he cemented the impression that he was out of touch with pretty much everything. Tonight, Mitt Romney may have had a similar moment, during a back-and-forth about the attack on the Benghazi Consulate.”
Andrew Rosenthal

“Mitt Romney’s solution on leveling the playing field tonight was to point out he once had a binder full of women applicants. That binder didn’t help me at Goodyear, and it’s not helping the women across this country, making 77 cents for every dollar a man gets. If Romney was truly concerned about women in this economy, he’d take a stand against paycheck discrimination. Instead, he has remained silent and refused to speak out for equal pay for women and their families. Simply put, Romney doesn’t get it."
—Lilly Ledbetter

"'Binders full of women' was certainly an awkward phrase to say and it failed to even work as an answer to the question. Instead, it reminded people of a time when women wore girdles or women in China bound their feet as status symbol that allowed them to marry into money … Obama talked seriously about contraception in health care plans, Planned Parenthood, and fair pay, and such a discussion was desperately needed."
The Washington Post

"What's very clear is that President Obama dominated the debate last night and you know that because both sides are talking about the President's performance. I thought he drew very sharp and clear contrasts between policies that are actually causing us to recover jobs, versus the policies of the past that Governor Romney wants to take us back to because of the job losses in the first place."
Governor Martin O'Malley

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