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Deval Patrick, Jeremy Bird, and the March 6th primary

A week before the March 6th presidential primary—Super Tuesday—in Massachusetts, Obama campaign volunteers from across the Commonwealth had the opportunity to see and talk with Jeremy Bird, the National Field Director of President Obama’s campaign, and Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts and National Co-Chair of the Obama campaign.

Nearly a hundred supporters logged into a video conference from house meetings to hear Bird talk about the campaign’s national strategy and grassroots organizing. Bird took questions from volunteers and highlighted the importance of building neighborhood teams and utilizing these networks to get out the vote for President Obama.

Governor Patrick encouraged volunteers to work to protect the progress that we've made in President Obama’s first term by getting involved and helping get out the vote for the March 6th primary. Governor Patrick said:

“It’s practice, it’s about organizing, the work that has to happen ... Your neighbors, your friends—making sure they understand that this is important because it’s about them and our collective future."

You can find our the latest from our Facebook page and you can join other volunteers in your community to help get out the vote from now until March 6th.

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