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Detroit Welcomes White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett

Detroit- Part of the excitement in building for Obama 2012 is hearing from important decision makers at the national level. They provide motivation, inspiration, and a constant reminder of how important our work is.


Detroit got just that motivation when we hosted a grassroots meet-and-greet with White House advisor Valerie Jarrett. Valerie’s ties to President Obama go back to her time working for Mayor Daley in Chicago. She hired on Michelle Robinson and met her fiancé, President Barack Obama. Since then she has been one of the President’s closest advisors.

Speaking to a crow of over 70 community and grassroots leaders from across Michigan, Jarrett stressed the need for the grassroots to start organizing their communities now to build for 2012. After brief remarks, she took a wide variety of questions from the crowd.

Jarrett ended the event by greeting almost everyone in attendance and made sure the last picture she took was with students from Darby High School. They were so excited they committed to organizing their high school or their college they plan on attending in the fall.


The fun and excitement around Obama 2012 is just getting started! Want to be in on the action? Click here to get involved and click here to find events near you.

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